wwwahou regroupe une sélection de site web des étudiants en Bachelor de l'option Arts Numériques de l'école Arts² à Mons dans le cadre du cours de culture web. Ils ont chacun été choisis car ils représentent un intérêt en terme de design, artistique ou autre.

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2019-12-19 When Pixels Collide art proposé par Étienne

Last weekend, a fascinating act in the history of humanity played out on Reddit. For April Fool's Day, Reddit launched a little experiment. It gave its users, who are all anonymous, a blank canvas called Place. The rules were simple....

2019-12-19 Claude Closky info

2019-12-18 The Million Dollar Homepage - Own a piece of internet history! art pixel proposé par Étienne

2019-12-18 Yale Painting MFA 2015 design proposé par Étienne

2019-12-18 sanstitre.be art proposé par Étienne

2019-12-19 How many people are in space right now

2019-12-15 eSpeak: Speech Synthesizer proposé par Théophile

2019-12-15 Python Examples – Learn Python Programming proposé par Théophile

2019-12-15 This Person Does Not Exist proposé par Maxime

2019-12-12 ---- proposé par Steve

2019-12-05 Unfold design proposé par Étienne

Unfold is a folder, a publication, a library, a temporary exhibition, a collection of many folders, an archive. None of the above. All of the above. Appearing on the www over fourteen months.

2019-12-05 Drive me Insane retro wtf? proposé par Steve

2019-12-05 James Veitch, répondre au scam mail proposé par Théophile

2019-12-05 Website Carbon Calculator | How is your website impacting the planet? ecologie proposé par Étienne

The internet consumes a lot of electricity. 416.2TWh per year to be precise. To give you some perspective, that’s more than the entire United Kingdom.

2019-12-05 The Evolution of Web Design: 2000 - 2004 histoire proposé par Étienne

Ready for a blast from the past? Explore web design in the early 2000s where personal websites, Wikipedia, and the earliest internet meme emerged. Enjoy this fascinating timeline of web design's evolution between 2000-2004.

2019-12-05 The secret door

2019-12-03 FixC cooperative proposé par Théophile

2019-12-03 Jarkko Räsänen Fine Art proposé par Théophile

2019-12-03 Juha van Ingen works and info proposé par Théophile

2019-12-03 How to Biennale! in the Digital Age proposé par Théophile

An exchange of ideas, aspirations & know-how of making art events in the digital age.December 7, 2019, 12pmHow to Biennale! in the Digital Age: December 7, 12–7pmImagined Biennales: December 7, 4–6pmwww.stadstriennale.beTwitter / Instagram / Instagram / Facebook / Facebook How to Biennale! in the Digital Age is a one day event devised as both a forum for the exchange of expertise and the production for a book, How to Biennale! The Manual. The book (which plays on the KLF's well-known music industry Manual of the late 1980s) seeks to offer a practical and accessible guide to making art ‘eventful’ outside of formal institutional structures and expectations. Participants will be encouraged to develop and contribute their own additions to the final version of the book (to be published next year). First launched at Tate Exchange (Tate Modern, London) in May 2018, the second HTB! Conference at Hasselt University takes place during Stadstriënnale 2019. The conference will host a series of informal discussion groups, facilitated by those with key experience, across a range of issues from thinking through vision and distinctiveness to building a team and connecting with artists and audiences using digital technology. Several digital experts and theorists will support the conference. Application process: The event is free but spaces are limited. Registration Imagined Biennales is a session alongside the conference, intended as an open forum to present and debate ideas for the future of biennales. The proliferation of biennales and other perennial art events around the world reveal huge energy, creativity and social engagement within the sphere of contemporary art. Whether operating at hyper-local, local, national or international levels, these events are always more than the art they represent. They are about people, places, histories, social enterprise and the political aesthetic. But equally, they can be homogenizing forces and complacent about the "value" of art. What do we want from our biennales and how do we get it? Imagined Biennales invites as wide a range of voices as possible to share in current practice and to pitch new ideas. What does a biennale look like and what do we want it to look like? We welcome presentations in person, written statements or short videos. Application processIn order to accommodate a variety of perspectives and ideas we ask all prospective participants to submit a one-page expression of interest to sap1e15@soton.ac.uk. This should outline the main context and key ideas as envisaged for a 5/10-minute presentation. Deadline: December 1, 2019. There are no specific criteria for the presentation topics. We are open to experimentation and welcome views on current practice. If you are involved in running or developing an art biennale, festival or recurring programme, come to Hasselt University to share your vision with experts and colleagues in the field. Equally, we are interested in counter-views, whether articulations against biennales or considerations of alternative situations, new models and different contexts. Furthermore, we welcome ideas about the fostering of community. The title of this event plays on the title of Benedict Anderson’s well-known book Imagined Communities, in which he argues nations are socially constructed; they are "an imagined political community." Imagined communities come together in large-scale events such as sporting tournaments, and indeed large-scale arts events. Like Anderson’s account of nations, we might suggest biennales and other perennial art events are finite, they have "elastic boundaries," beyond which lie other events and communities. They are also "sovereign" in that no singular hierarchy claims authority. Even though we may never tangibly grasp our imagined community, we still know it is there (or imagine it is!). How might we characterize the biennale fraternity and its future? Imagined Biennales was part of a week-long event, Building an Art Biennale at Tate Exchange (Tate Modern) in May 2018. A forthcoming publication, How to Biennale! The Manual is edited by Robert E. D'Souza, Sunil Manghani & Shwetal A. Patel. This event is a collaboration with Pieter Jan Valgaeren, artistic director of Stadstriënnale 2019.

2019-12-03 the wrong proposé par Théophile

+2.ooo artists selected by +18o curators in +15o online pavilions, embassies and routers at +1oo worldwide locations because nobody visits websites anymore

2019-12-03 Postinternet.art proposé par Théophile

2019-12-03 Products/Main | Spiderwebart Gallery proposé par Théophile

2019-11-27 People · Microsoft · GitHub microsoft proposé par Théophile

2019-11-21 MDN Web Docs proposé par Théophile

The MDN Web Docs site provides information about Open Web technologies including HTML, CSS, and APIs for both Web sites and progressive web apps. It also has some developer-oriented documentation for Mozilla products, such as Firefox Developer Tools.

2019-11-21 No click Autor: Eden Dedobbeleer

2019-11-21 Lonely Tweets :'( art proposé par Étienne

Lonely Tweets explores what it means to be hyper-connected yet still lonely.

2019-11-21 Inline Chat, 2019 art proposé par Étienne

The InlineChat lets you write what you want to write. It does not store any information related to your person as IP adresses, language or location. Attached to each message is just the name you give, the message body and the timestamp. I will then use that literature to produce images.

2019-11-21 othertime art proposé par Étienne

2019-11-21 ---- Aléatoire Dessin Graphique proposé par Steve

2019-11-20 Opera GX jeu proposé par Maxime

Le premier navigateur de jeu

2019-11-18 CSS Continuous Rotate Animation animation proposé par Harrison

2019-11-14 mod-synth midi modulaire son synthé proposé par Brandon

2019-11-14 chromeexperiments Dragin Drawing Mapping proposé par Brandon

2019-11-14 codingame.com proposé par Harrison

2019-11-14 (3) Crazy Cool Websites

2019-11-14 🐬👻🌴🍰🌕💋🍪✨

2019-11-14 Home - VTF

2019-11-14 Open Foundry

A new platform for open-source fonts in a noise-free environment, to highlight their beauty, extend functionality and encourage further exploration.

2019-11-14 Font Library

2019-11-14 Home - Use & Modify

2019-11-14 Bootstrap outil proposé par Harrison

The most popular HTML, CSS, and JS library in the world.

2019-11-14 AirPods Pro 3D proposé par Takumi

Voici les AirPods Pro. Réduction active du bruit, mode Transparence et design personnalisable. Le tout, dans des écouteurs incroyablement légers.

2019-11-14 Sony tech proposé par Steve

2019-11-11 watabou - Medevial Fantasy City Generator proposé par Maxime

2019-11-11 Azgaar's Map generator proposé par Maxime

Outil de création de cartes pour jeux ou univers , complet et fonctionnel

2019-11-08 Mixer | Interactive Livestreaming proposé par Théophile

2019-11-08 LAGaddicts - Mixer

2019-11-08 PINEPHONE

2019-11-08 Collapse OS — Bootstrap post-collapse technology proposé par Théophile

2019-11-07 Krunker

2019-11-07 Special Projects - Special Projects | Paper Phone art proposé par Étienne

Special Projects - Paper PhonePaper Phone is an experimental app which helps you have a little break away from your digital world, by printing a personal booklet of the information you’ll need that day.

2019-11-07 SoundCloud – Listen to free music and podcasts on SoundCloud proposé par héophile

SoundCloud is a music and podcast streaming platform that lets you listen to millions of songs from around the world, or upload your own. Start listening now!

2019-11-07 Rapid Photo Downloader: Download and Install proposé par Théophile;outils

2019-10-24 Journal du hacker information proposé par Étienne

2019-10-10 The Useless Web découverte jeu wtf? proposé par Théophile

The Useless Web Button... just press it, and find where it takes you.

2019-10-24 It's FOSS proposé par Théophile

Latest News Latest Tips and Tutorials Open Source Software

2019-10-24 Research proposé par Théophile

2019-10-24 Our Most Advanced Penetration Testing Distribution, Ever. proposé par Théophile

Home of Kali Linux, an Advanced Penetration Testing Linux distribution used for Penetration Testing, Ethical Hacking and network security assessments.

2019-10-24 Tails - Features and included software os proposé par Théophile

2019-10-24 HyperText typography proposé par Friedrich

2019-10-24 The white tower 3d VR (sur du web?) animation chargement ineraction scrolling proposé par : Brandon

2019-10-24 walkerart Couleur Interface arts contemporain culture portail proposé par : Brandon

2019-10-20 YTCutter outil proposé par Maxime

2019-10-10 Open Source Password Management Solutions | Bitwarden mot_de_passe outils proposé par Théophile

2019-10-10 pCloud - Best Secure Encrypted Cloud Storage cloud outils proposé par Théophile

pCloud is the secure cloud storage, where you can store, share and work on all your files. You can access them on any device, anywhere you go! Get 10 GB Free!

2019-10-10 Featured | Dark Horse Digital Comics comics online streaming proposé par Théophile

2019-10-16 hacker typeur proposé par Tommy

2019-04-24 sandspiel game proposé par Étienne

2019-05-08 Click click click game proposé par Étienne

A browser-based game on online profiling.

2019-10-10 The Internet Express, Jonas Lund, 2017 game proposé par Étienne

Race and avoid crashing into the Internet companies or you will be punished with ads

2019-10-10 The Internet Click, Jonas Lund, 2017 game proposé par Étienne

Click the falling companies before they reach the bottom. Try and get the highscore.

2019-10-10 Brutalist Websites design proposé par Étienne

2019-10-09 www.jsc.art design proposé par Étienne

2019-10-10 weavesilk canvas interactive mirror visuel proposé par : Brandon

2019-10-09 Map generator Open source Art proposé par Cedric

2019-10-09 Tips from Luuse outils proposé par Étienne

2019-10-09 Atlas of Forms art proposé par Étienne

Atlas of Forms is a picture library having for unique function to describe the forms of architecture. Associated with a search engine, this site allows to make many combinations of forms and states from 18 simple criteria.

2019-10-04 Have I been Pwned proposé par Théophile

2019-10-04 SCP Foundation creepypasta histoire jeu proposé par Théophile

2019-10-04 Alternative.to outils proposé par Théophile

2019-10-04 Firefox Monitor outils proposé par Théophile

2019-10-02 Mes extensions de Navigateur outils proposé par Théophile